You Can Fly Round-Trip, Direct Vancouver To London For $435 CAD (Tax Incl)


Vancouver temperatures beat those of Miami and Los Angles on Monday, but there’s never a bad time to visit London.

For one, the city positively buzzes with activity. Whether you’re a cultural connoisseur, a history buff, or you simply like to party, England has something for you.

What’s more, this fantastic hack through the Momondo UK website allows you to get there at half the price of regular round-trip fares. There are a litany of options, but one departing on May 30th and returning on June 12th provides one of the best deals. Not only are both flights direct, but the total fare including all tax is 251.97 pounds. Converted into Canadian, that’s only 435.35 CAD including tax.


Photo: gotogate

You can book your flight here.

Discover London

Home to Buckingham Palace, London is a city that exudes a royal flair. For those that love afternoon tea and crumpets, big, floppy hats and pearls, England is a dream come true! Also, the country has a deep, rich history with plenty of enthusiastic, endearing tour guides. You’ll find landmarks like Big Ben, the River Thames, the Eye of London, the National Gallery, and many more. In addition, the city produces some of the most scrumptious candy in the world.

Travel Tip: Book accommodations in advance! London is an enormous city, and it is extremely popular. If you want to be close to a major attraction, or have an idea of where you want your home base to be, book your hotel early. If you book close to departure the fares will go up, and if you are far from the action it will take ages to travel to where you want to be. 

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