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East Van Garbage Watch Is Watching You

Vancouver garbage dumpers beware, you are being watched. The East Van Garbage Watch takes a spin on the traditional neighbourhood watch program trash talking and litter shaming.  Here’s some garbagey garbaged garbage from East Vancouver and beyond:

Some classics so far:


“And hark, what doth appear in yon alleyway? Forsooth, ‘tis be yet another f****** broken-ass TV.

Sorry, sorry. I tried to leave the vulgarities at home but after finding half a dozen busted TVs in East Van alleys this weekend, all f***s are off. Seriously, though—who does this? I want names!”



Random trash thought of the day: 

If we start calling illegal dumping spots “pop-up garbage installations”, can we get public arts funding for them? “



“East Van Garbage Watch: What lurks under the SkyTrain line?

A quick pic from reader Murray, who sent along this shot of the litter underneath the SkyTrain line near Andy Livingstone Park.

Sitting in the shadows of the Vancouver’s two biggest stadiums is an abhorrent amount of garbage.

Is it the city’s responsibility? Or TransLink’s?

All I know is it’s an eyesore that I need to investigate further.”


You can submit your own posts to the East Van Garbage Watch tumblr page and follow all the trash talking on Twitter.


By Amar Mirchandani @amarmirch
Photo: East Van Garbage Watch/tumblr

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