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Dog Cloning Now Available For $50,000

How much do you love your pet? Enough to bring it back from the grave? Well Danielle Tarantola sure does as she brought her beloved pooch Trouble back from his grave three years after he died. But with a piece of his DNA and pot loads of money, Staten Island-based Tarantola brought back Double Trouble (pictured above), her dog’s clone into her life. It cost Tarantola $50,000 Double Trouble in a lab in South Korea, which is the only country in the world where dog cloning is legal.

She was informed of the surrogate mother’s pregnancy and also watched the birth live over Skype. But that’s not where the “trouble” ends. The South Korean lab is all set to deliver Triple Trouble to the lady’s door step soon. Now that’s what I call dog rearing.


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