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Burnaby Residence Operates Illegal Hostel With 9 Rooms; Neighbours Furious

Illegal Hostel

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Neighbours are livid that a Burnaby residence is operating an illegal hostel with 9 rooms available for booking.

With seven bedrooms and eight bathrooms, the home is huge; however, it isn’t meant to operate as a commercial business of this magnitude. For example, on booking.com the home is listed as a “hostel,” and there are multiple rooms up on AirBnb. The zoning bylaws in that area state that no more than two boarders per month may reside in a given home. In addition, the primary resident must be living there at the same time.

‘Since late December, bedrooms in the home have been advertised for between $32 and $68 a night. If all nine rooms are rented every night of the month for an average of $50 each, that means the owner would bring in more than $13,000 a month,” reports CTV News.

The home was sold for $2.65 million back in September 2017, and residents are worried for their safety and quality of life in the area. These kinds of guests often have loud parties, or are conducting themselves in a loud “vacation-style” way.

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Illegal Hostel And AirBnBs

“The Twin’s House” is run by Airbnb host Mia along with co-host Yong; Yong runs a second Airbnb near Metrotown that has five bedrooms.

This isn’t the first time residents of Metro Vancouver have raised concerns over the growing number of AirBnbs. Not only are many illegal, but they reduce the number of available spaces for rent in Vancouver. In fact, a study by Business Vancouver concluded that about 3,888 units would be included in the market in the rental stock if it weren’t for Airbnb.

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