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Get Acquainted With A Digital Strategist; Bosco Anthony

Bosco Anthony

All of us have a story to share. We all come from different walks of life, learned different lessons, and heard unique stories that shape us today.

Bosco Anthony is a digital marketing strategist and storyteller, and loves to share his insights on social media, context marketing, and integrated marketing solutions. His background in the corporate sector provides great wisdom on thought leadership, business growth, and critical thinking ideology.

Bosco is recognized for his mentorship, entrepreneurial spirit and passion for strategy that has its fingerprints all over Vancouver.

We recently got to sit down with Bosco ahead of his talk at this years TEDxStanleyPark event taking place on May 28th.

Today you see lots of university students unsure of what they want to do. What would you say to them?

I would tell them to tap into your mentors, and tribes, because here in Vancouver we live in a very diverse community. As well I would tell them to seek out their true passion to really feel satisfied with yourself. A lot of people today have jobs that they are not passionate about.

For example, I took an interest in drones so I had to research it first, and some of my friends had it so it became a really fun hobby of mine. What I want students to take away from this example is that you do not know until you ask, so seek out help from wherever you can.


Your 4 core values are disruptive storytelling, rebellious thinking, reinventing digital, and purposeful relationships. How did you come up with these specific values?

Values is not something you put on a wall, and just look at, it is something you use everyday in your life, and in my case I use it everyday with my clients. Values shape you, and form a cultural identify to identify with a certain group.

When I say purposeful relationships, I speak of integrity; you honour, and respect that relationship, and hope to get the same back which makes you better. For digital storytelling I preach quality over quantity; speaking face to face gives a level of quantity that is hard to duplicate.

You look at Westjet and how successful they are, and what they do is practice their culture and value. What I would say to any university student when they are in a job interview is ask that employer what their values are and if you believe in them.


What is it like being in digital media in Vancouver?

Oh man it’s crazy, it’s like a shark tank with over 1000 companies in the digital media industry. The strategy I use to combat this competitiveness is called the blue oceans strategy. I like to explore, and fish in the blue ocean, and not the red ocean.

I look for opportunities to branch out, and explore in areas where there are very few competitors, giving myself an early advantage. There is a positive to the digital media scene in Vancouver, which is that there is plenty of opportunities to collaborate.


Tell us a little about your mentor David Reeve, and what he means to you.

He is like a guide to me, and whenever I need advice I go to him, whether it be for business, or for just life advice. I guess you can say he is like a dad to me who has taught, and cared for me, especially as a immigrant to the country where I was fearful of my new surroundings.

The CEO of 1-800-Junk Brian Scudamore has a mentor himself, everyone could benefit from having one to learn valuable skills, and lessons.

You see the current situation with the Syrian refugees, and what would help them out enormously would be the guidance of a mentor. A platform like TEDx allows us to express ourselves, and guide, and assist others who may need that help.


Bosco Anthony

What does it mean to you to speak at TEDxStanleyPark this year?

It was definitely on my bucket list, and to be able to present at such a legendary event is definitely a huge milestone for myself, and knowing my peers will recognize it is great to know.

In my career I have done over 125 speaking events, and after every one, I became a little bit better. People started telling me that I should speak at TEDx, and ultimately I thought about it for 2 years. When I applied the first time, I applied late, and did not get a spot. The second time I made it through, and now I am preparing for TEDxStanleyPark.

What people do not see though is the entire process we as speakers have to go through. It is a very humbling experience, being criticized, and honestly refreshing. It is all about losing your ego, experimenting, and having fun because at the end of the day you have to deliver to the audience confidently.


What is the single biggest difference living in East Africa, and Vancouver?

The two have two totally different identities. East Africa is characterized by its sense of community, and absence of formality. If you show up to your friends house, you just walk in unannounced, and can’t leave until you are properly fed, and that can be too much sometimes, but it has a cultural feel to it.

Here in Vancouver we have to make time for each other, and make an appointment, just too see each other it’s very formal, and rigid. Living in Vancouver though is like winning the lottery. I have the opportunity to be safe, and gifts such as human rights, security, and respect are here. These are the core reasons why you see people leave their homes, and everything behind for the chance of a better life.


Lastly, what must you say is your favourite restaurant in Vancouver?

Oh boy this one is a tough one, but I will have to go with mom, and dad’s cooking—you just can’t beat it. I usually go through phases of what I enjoy to eat, but if you enjoy Thai food, I would definitely recommend the Thai soup at Pink Elephant Thai Restaurant; it is very good.


Once again. thank you to Bosco Anthony for sitting down with us, and we all look forward to his upcoming talk.


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