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BC Forecast Calls For 20-30cm Of Snow Amid Freezing Temperatures

freezing BC snow

Photo: The Weather Network

The freezing temperatures are not all for nothing as the latest B.C. forecast calls for heavy snowfall.

According to the Weather Network, the South Coast of B.C. is about to get hit with at least 20-30cm of snowfall.

It’s no surprise, given the recent Arctic air chill that we have been experiencing. At one point the entire country hit below freezing temperatures at the same time. As a result, it appears that the system is now due to bring in a heavy dump of snow starting on Friday night.

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B.C. Forecast Watch

This map details the expected amounts of snowfall in each area of the South Coast of B.C. this weekend:

BC snow map
Photo: The Weather Network

The map shows that most of the B.C. snow warnings are focused around Vancouver Island. In fact, temperatures are sitting well below freezing in both Vancouver and Victoria.

The majority of the B.C. snow is said to fall in the South of the province starting Friday then becoming heavy on Saturday.

These freezing temperatures have been made worse by the Arctic air we all have been talking about. With the wind chill it feels even colder, down to -20 in some areas (yes, even in uncommonly cold areas like Victoria and Vancouver).

Environment Canada warns, “extreme cold puts everyone at risk. Cover up. Frostbite can develop within minutes on exposed skin, especially with the wind chill.”


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