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B.C.’s Top Health Official Claims Ecstasy Can Be “Safe”

B.C.’s top health official, Dr. Perry Kendall, is claiming that taking pure ecstasy can be safe when it is consumed in a responsive manner by adults. Kendall also claims that the risks of MDMA are overblown, and that the only dangers it poses are those by the money hungry gangs that cook it up.

Kendall believes that if these drugs were to be legalized, they could be used under a medical supervision, as many psychiatrists are exploring its use for PTSD (post-traumatic stress disorder). If the drug was regulated for recreational use, Kendall suggested it would be like the concept of a liquor store, however much stricter.

Kendall believes that if this were the case, and the drug could be purchased in safe amounts, from government regulated stores, then usage rates would decrease. Since last July, 16 people from B.C. to Saskatchewan have died from a tainted batch of ecstasy they purchased from criminal dealers.

Police say on average, 20 people from B.C. who consume street ecstasy die each year, and the police in no way believe that the drug is not safe. As it’s hard to determine what could be in any given tablet, and that all individuals have a unique reaction to these tablets. Deaths that are commonly associated with the street drug include those due to dehydration and overheating. Especially when teens gulp a pill down, then dance the night away, their bodies tend to overheat or dehydrate leading to several issues including death.

Ecstasy has also been known to cause feelings of confusion, anxiety, depression, irritability, paranoia, and not to mention experiences of memory loss or sleep problems, or liver damage and jaundice.

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