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B.C. RCMP Dress As Panhandlers To Crack Down And Ticket Drivers

B.C. RCMP Dress As Panhandlers To Crack Down And Ticket Drivers

Next time you’re at a red light. You might want to double check if the panhandler walking down a traffic lineup is actually a panhandler.

Vernon RCMP have shared a picture and revealed a tactic they’ve been using to catch drivers using their mobile devices or not wearing their seatbelts. Essentially, police officers dress as panhandlers but instead of collecting change, they look to see who’s breaking law. Unlike most panhandlers, the undercover cops don’t walk down the traffic but rather stand on the corner and stare into cars.

Within just one hour, undercover police officers in Vernon B.C. handed out 11 tickets to drivers for either not wearing their seat belt or illegally using their cell phone.

According to reports, officers in metro Vancouver have also used the same strategy from time to time.

Drivers have opposite views on the strategy. In a survey, drivers revealed that when they see a panhandler, they “act like their busy” and “pick-up their phone” although they’re not really using it. By looking at their phone, they hope to avoid an awkward moment with the panhandler standing outside of their vehicle – which is a reasonable defense and something majority of people do.

At the end of the day, a law is still technically broken and officers will be the first ones to let you know.


photo credit: RCMP

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