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Airbnb Is Barring People Under 25 From Renting, to Cut Down on House Parties

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Photo: Airbnb Office / Flickr

Airbnb Canada is going to limit young people from renting, in an attempt to curb house parties.

The company announced the new pilot project earlier in February, where people under 25 can’t rent full houses.

Company executive Chris Lehane said bookings by a younger crowd are more likely to lead to parties.

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It comes as a result of a Toronto Airbnb party, where three men between 19-21 years old were recently killed.

“Nothing we’re going to say or do will bring back those lives, but we’re certainly going to talk about what we should do from a responsibility perspective,” said Lehane.

Of all Airbnb bookings, 0.03% result in property damage and 0.06% result in security incidents.

The company has tried to curb house parties in the past, by posting a ban on “open invite” parties, last year.

Young people with a positive track record will get some leniency in the new program, said Lehane. People under 25 with at least three positive reviews will be able to book full homes locally.

However, they won’t be able to book a place within a certain radius from their house, as another way to crack down on parties.

Airbnb Canada will track how the renting program works out and will then determine whether it should become a global policy.

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