7 Must Try Food Trucks At The PNE

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How To Become A Food Vendor At The PNE

The Fair at the PNE has a lot to offer each year besides the famous rides. For starters, there is the countless shows that take place daily, along with numerous games offering great prizes and of course the popular Summer Night Concerts.

But let’s face it, what you REALLY want to do at the PNE is EAT! The Fair is notorious for the variety of food items it presents which often leaves people stumped on what to try and pass on.

We had the opportunity to visit the PNE and have accumulated the 7 must try Food Trucks at the PNE to help all the foodies out and make sure their taste buds don’t miss the opportunity to seize great pleasure!

7 Must Try Food Trucks At The PNE
If you’re looking for something warm, toasty and casual, Cheese Please is your answer.

Must try items:

Tomato Basil Soup – $3.50
The Philly (pulled beef, smoked Provolone, caramelized onions) – $7.50
The Jalapeno Popper (fried jalapenos, cream cheese, tortilla chips, cheddar) – $7.00

Deep fry anything and it tastes 10x times better, deep fry a pie and top it off with ice cream and your taste buds with be astonished!

Must try item:

Deep fried raspberry pie with ice cream – $7.00

Pickle Petes deep fries it all. From oreos to chocolate dipped bacon, this food truck offers the best deep fried food at the Fair.

Must try item:

Deep Fried Cheesesteak – $9.00


Now there’s a food truck that won’t catch your eye, or attract you, but boy is it delicious! Elephant Ears took Canadian Bacon and hit a home run with a bizarre combination!

Must try item:

Banana Bacon Ear – $7.00

Calling all people lovers! If you’re looking for some lean protein, don’t miss the Gourmet Burgers truck. They take any and every meat you can think of and put it between buns.

Must try items:

The Vortex ( 8oz sirloin pattie, 2 fried eggs, 4 slices of cheese, 5 strips of bacon lettuce, and tomato all served between 2 grilled cheese sandwiches) – $15.00

Sliders (Kangaroo, Camel, Crocodile, Wild Boar, and Venison) – 3 sliders for $12

What’s a fair without wings? This food truck offers over 15 flavors in bite size chicken.

Must try items:

Wings & boneless wingers – $11/pound

There are a lot of ice cream options across the Fair, but Ernie’s offers classic ice cream with a classic story.

Regular – $4.00

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