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Vancouver Will Experience 2020’s Best Meteor Showers This Weekend

Geminid Meteor Shower

Photo: Ryan Hallock / Flickr

Start off the new year with some astral beauty, as meteor showers will be soaring through the skies this weekend.

While the Quadrantid meteor shower has been active since December 12, it will hit its peak Saturday, January 4th.

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On Friday after dusk and Saturday, viewers will see intense, short bursts of meteors lasting a few hours.

“The shower is likely (to) produce its best displays shortly before dawn, when its radiant point is highest,” states in-the-sky.org

The meteor showers will produce 120 meteors per hour at its peak. However, the views will not be as clear within the city because of the lights.

“From Vancouver, the radiant of the shower will appear at a peak altitude of 78° above your horizon,” stated the site. “And on the basis of this, we estimate that you may be able to see up to 117 meteors per hour at the shower’s peak.”

So keep your eyes peeled and don’t miss this supernatural beauty!

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