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20 Things People in Vancouver Say That You Probably Shouldn’t Take Too Seriously

never trust a vancouverite when

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Hollywood North is not known to be as phony as L.A., generally it could be believed we have less need to front. 

That being said, we received some alarmingly consistent responses regarding the questionable things Vancouverites are known for saying.

We’ve compiled the most popular sayings and shared them below.

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1. Let’s do something soon (head’s up, soon usually means never)

2. It’s affordable (Who says that?)

3. It doesn’t rain that much

4. You have to try this new hipster restaurant/vegan-bakery, etc. it’s amazing and well priced

5. Just drive. There’s lots of parking and it’s cheap

6. Gas prices are coming down soon

7. It’s an easy hike up


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8. You don’t need a winter coat

9. Gas prices are coming down soon

10. I’m a CEO

11. There are authentic Mexican restaurants here

12. The Canucks are winning the cup this year

13. Seattle is only a two hour drive

14. The water in English Bay is clean

never trust a vancouverite when
Photo: GoToVan / Flickr

15. The club scene is good

16. Traffic isn’t that bad!

17. It’s just raining a bit. It won’t last.

18. I’ll call you tomorrow

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19. They won’t go to the restaurant unless the food it’s gluten-free, dairy-free, sugar-free, non-organic 

20. The dating scene is awesome


Do you agree or disagree with the list? We’d love to hear your thoughts! Join  or drop your two cents in the comments below!

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