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Real Housewives of Vancouver Premiere’s; The Aftermath

Buckle your Louis Vuitton seatbelts, Vancouver, the Real Housewives TV show has premiered and there’s no turning back now.

These five are the women you will likely never meet, driving cars you will likely never drive, living in homes you will likely never set foot into – all in your own city.

Highlighting a quintet of ladies from Vancouver’s reportedly ‘tight-knit high society’ the premiere dishes out drama similar to the city’s world-famous weather, where “when it rains it pours.”

Looking out across the expanse known as “Canada’s Playground,” viewers first meet ringleader Jody Claman, a 48-year-old, self-made businesswoman who drives a Hummer and “loves to work.”

Mary Zilba, 47, a former beauty queen/pop star who comes off as a wounded-yet-on-the-prowl woman comes next.

We then meet Ronnie Seterdahl Negus, a 43-year-old who has “all the toys you’d need to live life large in Vancouver,'” which would, of course, include a private jet, yacht, tennis court and waterfront home.

Hmm, seems many Vancouverites aren’t truly living.

Reiko MacKenzie, 37, bursts onto the scene wearing a 24- karat blazer and driving every woman’s must-have – a red Ferrari. She quickly lets it be known she considers the purr of a new engine an aphrodisiac; and with three Ferraris, one Lamborghini, two Bentleys, a Range Rover, a Honda minivan (yawn!) and a Smart Car . . . her life must be full of – love.

Lastly comes twice-divorced Christina Kiesel, 30, who readily admits she’s a gold-digging capitalist who doesn’t believe in monogamy . . . We can see where this is going.

With the all-star introductions out of the way, the women decide to take a trip. Why not?

The Whistler weekend is ripe with fabulous fashions and rash rudeness, successfully setting up enough drama and catty attitude to carry the entire quarrel-filled season.

This may be your city, but these Real Housewives aren’t your friends and they’re likely not your family, so it just may be entertaining to love to hate them.

Let the games begin.


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