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Should Pit Bulls Be Considered A Dangerous Breed? Prince George Says No

Pit Bulls

Prince George city council announced that they will no longer classify pit bulls under the category of “dangerous.”

In addition, council included other dog breeds in the new legislation. Now, no animal shall fall under this categorization based solely on breed. Instead, the city has decided to decided to determine whether a dog is unsafe on a strictly individual basis.

They call the ruling the “Responsible Animal Ownership Bylaw,” and it’s focus rests on owner responsibility; however, not everyone agrees with this ruling.

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There has been a great deal of debate as to whether the animals ought to be outrightly banned, restricted, or if these notions are altogether unfair. Indeed, many people believe owners are the ones to blame, while others see it as a breed-specific matter.

Are Pit Bulls Inherently Dangerous?

Recently, a german shepherd was banned from West Vancouver after the city deemed the animal dangerous and the owner did follow recommendations.

There have been numerous accounts of dog attacks in Metro Vancouver; however, as statistics convey, there aren’t as many as it sometimes appears.

The Globe and Mail stresses how, “In Canada the rate of deaths by dog bite is only 2 to 3 individuals per year, while in the United States the annual count varies between 20 and 30. Looking at the statistics this means that you are seven times more likely to die by being struck by lightning than from a dog attack.”

Do you think that Vancouver should ban the pit bull breed? Do you think that they should be restricted to specific areas away from things like schools? Or, do you think that it is an owner issue, and should be dealt with on a case-by-case basis?

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