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New Movie About Robert Pickton And Victims To Begin Filmed in Vancouver

Vancouver Film Critics Circle Names Best of 2015 - New Movie About Robert Pickton’s Victims To Begin Filmed in Vancouver

New Movie About Robert Pickton’s Victims To Begin Filmed in Vancouver

A new movie about Robert Pickton, Canada’s biggest serial killer will begin filming in Vancouver this Wednesday, March 4.

The movie, “Full Flood”, is being filmed for CBC TV and will be based on the book, On the Farm. The movie will be directed by University of British Columbia’s film professor Rachel Talalay.

According to a note obtained by Metro News, the movie is said to be focused around the lives of the women who disappeared from Vancouver’s downtown Eastside and were later found in a search of Pickton’s farm in Port Coquitlam.

“While taking its cue from the book ‘On The Farm’, our movie will be telling the story of fictional characters, specifically women of the Downtown East Side, set against the background of the events of 1995-2001. This is not a movie about Mr. Pickton. While he is referenced and appears in a few scenes, this is not a story about him – rather it’s a story about life in the Downtown East Side as seen and experienced by the people who lived and worked there during that time.” reads the note obtained by Metro News.

Robert Pickton was arrested in 2002 and eventually charged for murdering 26 women. During Pickton’s trial, an undercover officer shared a recording of his conversation with Robert Pickton in which he claimed he murdered 49 women.

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