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New App Lets UBC Students Bypass Parking Meters

Parking at UBC just got a little less stressful.

HonkMobile has launched service for 40 lots on UBC’s 49,000-student Vancouver campus to aid in simplifying parking and saving time.

The app essentially helps users search, pay for and top up parking directly from their smartphone or tablet.

This ultimately eliminates the need to drive around searching for a parking lot, and also visiting the meter to add time at a later point throughout the day.

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Another neat feature is that the app sends users alerts 15 minutes prior to the expiration of their parking session, allowing them to add funds for additional time from wherever they are and avoid getting a ticket.

The app also stores and manages parking receipts.

HonkMobile is free to download. Upon setup, users will be asked to register a vehicle and also a credit card.

If successful, don’t be surprised to see the app make its way to other local universities in the lower mainland within the year.

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