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Major Local Grocery Store Has Reduced Store Capacity To 50%

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Photo: @brittaniburns / Unsplash

With the rise in cases of the Omicron variant, this major grocery store chain decided to make some big changes.

Save-On Foods recently announced that for all their locations across B.C., they will be reducing store capacity back to 50%.  Similar to the height of the pandemic, this is in efforts to prevent and limit the spread of COVID-19.

The changes are taking place immediately until further notice, says the store.

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Due to the sudden surge in the Omicron variant of COVID-19, Save-On Foods said this is the best way to keep their staff and shoppers safe and healthy.

Since the start of the pandemic, Save-On-Foods has been very quick to implement health and safety measures. The store occupancy has always been shared with signage at the front entrance, along with signage throughout the store to decrease congestion.

They have also had a fully functional pick-up and delivery service in place before the pandemic. Thus allowing their customer an easy alternative option.

The company states that “this operating capacity is in line with how we have been operating since the start of the pandemic.”


So far, Save-On-Foods is the first to make this move. However, it’s unsure if another grocery store chain will follow suit.


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