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Learn English Through Social Gaming In Vancouver

Vancouver Career Fair for VFX, Animation & Video Games 2016 - Learn English Through Social Gaming In Vancouver

Game of Thrones courses, micro-brewing programs and now learning through video games.

inlingua Vancouver, an international language school, teaches English from Beginner to Advanced stages and is now offering a unique and innovative class “English Through Social Gaming.”

Instructor, Jacob, describes the course as using the social setting of gaming to help teach today’s youth. His philosophy is to use relevant and authentic media content to teach an advanced class because students are actually interested in the content. The program provides group dynamics, engaging communication and high volumes of vocabulary.

English Through Social Gaming, still in it’s infancy, could be a major step up from sometimes disengaging movies or novels in a language learning environment. Jacob might be onto something big!


Written by Amar Mirchandani @amarmirch

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