Is There Really A Ghost Hitchhiker That Haunts UBC ‘University Boulevard’?

Is There Really A Ghost Hitchhiker That Haunts UBC ‘University Boulevard’?

Many may be unaware of the urban legend of the ghost hitchhiker at the University of British Columbia.

This urban legend takes place in the 1960′s in which a couple got into an argument while driving along University Boulevard on their way to the main UBC library. The argument got heated and the young girl eventually got out of the car and began walking in the rain. While walking, she was struck by another car and killed instantly.

Following the incident, numerous reports by male students driving on University Boulevard claim that they picked up a women hitchhiker that handed them a piece of paper with the library’s address on it.  According to these males, the spirit jumped in the rear seat, then quickly disappeared..

Other stories indicate that she is said to be seen hitchhiking, and when drivers stop to either question her or let her enter their car she vanishes in front of them. Another ghostly story associated with the University is that an old woman in a white dress is reportedly haunting the main library. No one seems to know who she might have been, but she too will vanish if approached.

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