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Is The PNE Haunted? Recently Inspected By Paranormal Society

Is the PNE Haunted?

Is the PNE Haunted?

After years of speculation the Pacific National Exhibition, which operates Playland Amusement Park, supported a request from the Vancouver Paranormal Society to investigate the park for supernatural activity prior to the opening of Fright Nights on Friday, October 11. The Vancouver Paranormal Society, one of the longest standing and most respected paranormal investigation teams in Western Canada undertook the investigation following the park season closure of Playland.

“It’s no secret the rumours that Playland was haunted have circulated around the city,” said Vancouver Paranormal Society President Peter Renn. “In fact, our organization was encouraged by Vancouverites as well as former staff of the park to undertake an investigation. There are a few locations throughout the Lower Mainland that are always under speculation for unusual activity and Playland is one of those places.”

A paranormal investigation team of six people undertook the investigation overnight at Playland on September 27. Using advanced camera and recording devices the group experienced a number of circumstances, which could not be explained. “The activity on the site surprised even us,” said Renn. “We investigated four different areas of the PNE: the arcade, the midway, the haunted house and the Wooden Roller Coaster. We did not find anything of interest in the arcade, but we were able to pick up several EVP’s (electric voice phenomenon) from the haunted house and midway. However, the most impressive evidence of the evening was the video footage we captured on the midway, which showed our camera rotating 45 degrees without anything touching it. There was also a still camera shot that produced an image that we can not explain.

The response we received was very rare for a first visit, and although it is too early to deem Playland haunted, there was very strong evidence of paranormal activity that warrants further investigation.”

Could it be true? Is the PNE haunted? Share your thoughts below!

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