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Hunter’s Moon Will Illuminate Over Vancouver This Week

poolski/ Flickr

Matt Reinbold/ Flickr
Matt Reinbold/ Flickr

For all of you moon enthusiasts, you’re in luck! Another supermoon will be visible this week.

Following the Harvest Moon last month, the Hunter’s Moon takes over the skies of the Northern Hemisphere on the night of October 15th.

Also known as the “Blood Moon” or “Sanguine Moon”, this slight variation of a full moon is named after hunters who used the autumn moonlight to stalk and kill their prey in order to store food for the upcoming winter months.

Although the Hunter’s Moon is said to be just your typical full moon, it will look slightly bigger and brighter. This is because full moons rise at sunset, and given it will appear near the horizon, it will have orange tones and look somewhat larger than any regular old moon.

Anytime you look towards the horizon, the Earth’s atmosphere is thicker than when you you look up. With a greater thickness along the horizon, the blue light scatters more effectively and also allows red light to be visible to your eyes.

This creates beautiful orange/yellow/red tones in any full moon.

According to Vancouver’s calendar of moon phases for October, the Hunter’s Moon happens on Saturday, October 15th around 9:24pm.

Sunset will be at 6:23pm – and it is said that the moon will be visible just 30 minutes after, so be sure to have some binoculars ready!

And like usual, tag us in your photos using #604now and we may feature your Hunter’s Moon the next day.

For the best places to moon watch, refer to our list from last month’s Harvest Moon.

Happy moon hunting!

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