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Health Tips: The Hangover Pill

For every fun drunk night, there’s always a couple consequences. A) you don’t remember anything, and B) you have to deal with a hangover. Fast food is a typical ‘cure’ that is commonly used, but scientists have now discovered a new, healthier alternative: The Hangover Pill

When you hear about anti-hangover pills, you are somewhat skeptical about them. Can you really have a good night of partying and not have the side effects? Well studies have actually shown that these pills do actually help reduce the symptoms of hangovers and make you feel better the next day after drinking alcohol! What most anti-hangover pills do is “rejuvenate” and detoxify your body from the alcohol.

So how does it work?

Basically you take the anti-hangover pills before drinking, such as Chaser (a brand of an anti-hangover pills) and the pill absorbs the harmful chemicals in beer, vodka, rum, and etc, but does not alter ethanol properties. In other words you will still get drunk, with the same amount of alcohol, except you don’t experience the adverse effects. The pill also reduces headaches, bloating, sweating, dizziness, dry mouth, and nausea.

The main ingredient in Chaser is calcium carbonate and charcol, which acts as an antacid. Actacid neutralizes the acidity of your stomach so you are able to digest your food properly. The pill also contains other minerals, and vitamins which work with the calcium carbonate to help with the side effects on other parts of the body. So are there any side effects? Anti-hangover pills are not considered drugs, but are considered “natural dietary supplements” so there is no real big risk with taking them. However anything in excess is bad, so if you take to many of these pills, you could really imbalance certain properties in your body, mostly being concerned with the stomach.

The recommend dose is taking 2 capsules before drinking and this will be effective for up to 3 hours of drinking. A drawback with taking this supplement is that they are only effective for 3 hours, and sometimes you will be drinking for longer periods and may not remember to take these pills while you are out; so this may mean that you will not get the maximum benefit from the pill.

So which anti-hangover pills are out there? Well there is Chaser, Buzz, RU-21, Drink Ease, etc. Anti-hangover pills are over the counter pills, so you don’t need a prescription, and can be bought at places such as GNC, Wal-Mart and any other drug stores. They are also pretty cheap, you can buy 40 capsules for $14.04 or 10 capsules for $6.21.

Stay tuned for next week’s health tip!

Written by: Noreen

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