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Headless Sea Lion Washes Up On BC Shores

What is going on in B.C waters? Just a few months ago, a dead humpback whale was spotted just off Vancouver Island in what officials said was a ‘mysterious death’. Prior to that, a massive dead humpback whale also washed up on White Rock beach with several cuts on its body. Adding to the list of mysterious sea-animal deaths was this poor sea-lion who was found headless on a Campbell River beach.

Three other mutilated sea lion carcasses have also been found on Vancouver Island beaches in the past few months, all found with there whiskers and skin missing. Sea lion skin and whiskers are sometimes used to make items like drums and masks, but that kind of activity requires a permit, and each kill has to be reported to DFO which unfortunately none of these were .

This kind of activity is disturbing to say the least..

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