Treasure Seekers: Gold Hunt Is Coming Back To Vancouver This Month

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Calling all treasure seekers—Gold Hunt is coming back to Vancouver on July 27th. It captivated the community in a whole new way last time—with treasure hidden in three Canadian cities—Vancouver, Edmonton and Calgary.

Vancouver was the last city to uncover the treasure chest last time—but now we’ve got another chance to shine.

Gold Hunt 2.0 will again come to Vancouver, Edmonton, and Calgary to give residents a serious case of “gold fever” and maybe a few sleepless nights. Organizers are saying it’s bigger and better than ever.

This time around, they’re incorporating cultural icons and adding additional loot that can be claimed along the way.

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But the main prize will be the same—a treasure chest filled with $100,000 in silver and gold coins.

Participants can test their luck and skill by purchasing a map. There’s a $49 map containing riddles and clues needed to uncover the prize or a $69 map which gives you the chance to secure extra loot. The Gold Hunt team has hidden additional items, including: smartphones, laptops, watches, tablets, and,  even a vehicle.

Once maps are purchased—treasure seekers are directed to a membership portal; which allows them to stay updated on their hunt with a progress indicator. And of course, you can choose to work individually or as a team.

Gold Hunt is already thinking about round three, and may add some more Canadian cities in the future.

Gold Hunt 2.0

When: Launches July 27th, 2019
Where: Vancouver, Edmonton and Calgary

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