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Gino Odjick’s Hometown Renaming Sports Centre After Him

Gino Odjick's Hometown Renaming Sports Centre After Him

The director general of Maniwaki, Daniel Mayrand, has announced the towns local arena will be named after their hometown hero and former Canucks player, Gino Odjick. 

On July 19, the town will officially rename the arena to the Gino Odjick Sports Centre and are working to have Gino Odjick make an appearance by video conference. Odjick’s family will be in attendance for the renaming ceremony.

Odjick was an NHL hockey player from 1990 to 2002, which included eight years here in Vancouver. Earlier this year, 43 year old Odjick was diagnosed with a rare heart condition and according to doctors, he may have only weeks to live.

Gino Odjick is currently being treated at a Vancouver hospital where fans often stop by and support him. In June, fans held a rally outside the hospital which Gino said “really lifted his spirits”.

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