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You Can Fly To Edmonton From Abbotsford For Only $14 CAD (Incl Tax)

Swoop / Edmonton

While a plane ticket under $100 CAD seems like an incredible deal, this airfare seems almost to good to be true; however, Swoop airlines is offering one-way fares to Edmonton for $14 CAD including tax.

Swoop started offering this amazing prices earlier this year when they first started selling their tickets, and most people figured they were all sold. Yet, if you look later in the pricing calendar, numerous dates in the fall are still showing these ultra-low fares. And, while there may only be a seat or two left on certain dates, you can be certain there won’t be deals this low again for a long, long time.

So, how does one book them? Simply enter the departure airport (Abbotsford), and the arrival (Edmonton) and then look through the calendar to discover the deals!

Below is an example of one of the dates that is still offering this incredible deal.

Photo: Swoop


Edmonton at a Steal with Swoop

Also, keep in mind that seat selection, seat upgrades, carry-on and checked baggage, food & beverage service and in-flight entertainment are not included in the all-in fare. With that in mind, this is still still an incredible fare.

You can buy tickets here. Note: this deal may sell out at any time!

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