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Fly To This Stunning Caribbean Island From Vancouver For A Steal At $298 CAD


While it is usually one of the most expensive trips from Vancouver, this return ticket to Curacao is cheaper than a flight to Toronto.

With pastel-coloured colonial buildings, endless turquoise water, and expansive coral reefs, this destination is touted as a truly unique Caribbean paradise. What’s more, it is lesser known than Aruba, which makes it more of a hidden gem.

And, this round-trip ticket from American Airlines flies you there from Vancouver for only $298.21 CAD including tax. The dates of travel are from May 29th to June 5th on this particular ticket; however, a few combinations from May 26th – 29th to June 5th – 12th also work.

With that being said, this tropical oasis usually sells for a pretty penny, and these fares won’t last long. So, if you want to reserve a ticket its best to do so as soon as possible.

Photo: American Airlines

You can purchase your flight through Kayak here.


Discover Curacao

With pastel-coloured buildings lining its tropical streets, this Dutch Caribbean island is distinctly breathtaking. In addition, it boasts some of the world’s finest scuba diving. Not only are its expansive coral reefs are filled with colourful marine life, but the water is crystal clear.

For those who enjoy laying by the water, this sunny gem delivers. With over 35 dazzling beaches on the island, you’ll never feel deprived. When the sun sets afterward, the streets come alive with the sounds of jazz, blues, and more.

Travel tip: Curacao is one of the least expensive Caribbean islands to visit! If you’re thinking of heading to one of the other islands, consider this option for the sake of your wallet, as well as its unique offerings. While there are upscale places to stay in the area, there are a multitude of cheaper options. Bon voyage!

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