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First Real-Time E-Drama Unfolds In Surrey Glass Condo

Ever wonder what it would be like if someone could see into your home as you went about your daily life? Well wonder no more! Stop by the Central City Shopping Centre in Surrey anytime during the next six weeks and get a glimpse of the worlds first real-time e-drama.

Three local actors will be spending the 10 hours per day acting out a partially scripted life behind see-through glass walls which will replicate a sample of a condominium suite. The suite is a sample of Pilothouse Real Estate Inc. who’s idea behind this online show was a marketing strategy, as well as making ties with social media and reality TV trends.

President of Pilothouse Real Estate inc., Bill Morrison, states that the purpose behind it all is to show people how their suites work and how one can live in them, and by showing reality, prospective buyers will see just how the suite really works.

The show can also expect appearances from celebrities and TV personalities over the next six weeks, one of which is said to be Jillian Harris from the Bachelor and the Bachelorette.

Check out the video below!

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