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Fashion Fix: A Colorful Fall

As I pack my summer away and as I count the days until summer twenty thirteen, there are certain things I’m looking forward to for my fall to be all the more exciting (do note the new-found poet in me, ha):

Bright lights, sparkling nights, snow-coated window sights, & warm reunites by the fireplace light. Not to mention, unpacking a few of last fall’s favourite items and adding fresh, new inspiration to my wardrobe.

This fall is all about trench coats, ponchos, capes, statement-making hats, and stylish winter essentials to keep you feeling in control of the cold, chilly weather. Yes, I am an advocate of the minimalist approach. It’s effortlessly simple, yet effective. This fall, however, add warmth to any cold day with vivid color selections. Below are a few vibrant coats waiting to be given a new, modish home.

Written by: @Modish_Diaries

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