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You Could Eat Pizza, Go Roller Skating and Get Paid $3,000+ For It

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Photo: @Norman Brown / Flickr

A Vancouver casting company is looking for someone to roller skate in a pizza commercial and the best part is, they’ll pay you well to do it.

The company posted its casting call Monday, saying they’re seeking someone to star in their next commercial.

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And they’re willing to pay you more than $3,000 to do it, as long as you can skate. Oh, and you have to wear a bear costume while doing it.

All genders are encouraged to apply, but you do have to be tall to fill the role – and the suit. In fact, you have to be exactly six-foot-one to do it.

So, send them an email at [email protected], along with a photo and information on your height and roller skating ability.

Filming begins Thursday, March 12-13th around Vancouver. But if you don’t make the cut, there are two roller skating events coming up soon in Vancouver – just bring your own pizza and bear suit.

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