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Do The Canucks Lack High-Level Talent Upfront?

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Henrik Sedin, Daniel Sedin and Ryan Kesler. Those are the three names that would come to mind automatically if asked, “Who are the stars on the Vancouver Canucks?”

You could add a couple of defense-men into that category, however, that would be irrelevant to this article unless your name is Kevin Bieksa, who was a forward, once upon a time… Recent speculation on the Canucks having enough high-end talent in forwards is spiraling into a big question and becoming a glowing red sign to the teams fans and media over the course of the young 2013-2014 season, and sadly the simple answer is no.

It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to come up with the fact that the Canucks would be in trouble if any one of the trio were to get injured, and it would be a scream-worthy nightmare if two of them got injured. The factor that comes into being beneficial for the Canucks if that situation occurred is that some of their “bottom 6” players have the potential to be top 6 players, this includes Kassian and Booth. They also have Hansen who can temporarily be an effective option, and the only player that has actually proven he can handle those minutes this season.

It’s worrisome to think that an injury to one top player on this team makes such a huge impact and is a factor that separates Vancouver from other elite teams like the Pittsburgh Penguins, Chicago Blackhawks or the San Jose Sharks.

The one thing we do have going for the Canucks is that it’s a team with many players stepping up in every part of the game which has become evident lately as the Sedins haven’t made that much more of an impact compared to the third line in the past few games, this isn’t a huge knock on the Sedins, but more so an much-anticipated observation that we actually have a third line this season. They still might not wow you with Pittsburgh Penguins-esque talent but this is a team that has many players who play their role on the team and do it effectively which has shown in our continuous pattern of consistency in team performances throughout the season.

Scoring has come from many players on this team and surprisingly, unlike the past two seasons, it isn’t just the Canuck’s stars putting up the numbers and winning games. Now obviously top end talent is important because we should be relying on those guys to carry the team therefore it should be noted we do probably need to have another top 6 skilled forward coming in for that insurance of a backbone but for once there is also a external depth that has guys stepping up every where in the lineup and as a group they could potentially fill the void of an injury to one of the Canuck’s stars.

The key right now is to get Booth and Kassian to where we need them to be.  Lets not forget… the playoffs aren’t just about the stars, but instead the teams that have the ability to roll 4 lines and 3 d-men pairings have been the teams lately to come up with the success. Unfortunately the playoffs are a looming question mark thus far, so lets hope the boys in blue step their game up and give the city another run!

Written by: Aisha D

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