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David Booth Kills A “Bruin” [Video]

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Many of us know David Booth as our outspoken Vancouver Canucks forward who likes to utilize his twitter account to express himself. A few weeks ago Booth tweeted to his followers that he was off to kill a few bruins, and fans were left unaware what Booth was talking about, but it became crystal clear when Booth later tweeted a photo of himself in front of a 7 foot bear that he had just killed.

Booth killed the bear for footage for an upcoming TV series with Edge TV, and tweeted fans a link to watch the video of himself killing the “bruin.” There’s been quite a bit of controversy stirring up about the incident, and many of the remarks coming from Canucks fans themselves! What is your say on this issue? Are Booth’s actions justifiable? Booth’s actions are similar to the actions of someone who kills the meat that some of us cook and eat ourselves, however it’s a sensitive subject with different viewpoints and such.

Below is the video clip, however we must warn you that the nature of the clip is graphic and is not suitable for some viewers.

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