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Hot Spots To Chase Cherry Blossoms In Burnaby

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Spring is here, and that means the blossoming of beautiful cherry blossom trees everywhere.

It’s the perfect way to get a timeless Instagram shot, or even simply admire nature’s beauty. We’ve compiled a list of the best  spots in Burnaby to head for cherry blossoms – time for a flower crawl.




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There are many spots all around BC’s biggest shopping centre that offers a glimpse into the delicate beauty of the cherry blossoms.

Check out Burnaby Civic Square, East Patterson, and Telford Avenue.

Central Park

A few blocks away, Central Park offer a dazzling view of the cherry blossoms right by the water. This park is located at the Vancouver–Burnaby border, and offers beautiful views year round.



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The Burnaby BCIT campus has an array of blooming cherry blossoms all over it’s property. Approximately 7 cherry blossom trees are near Chilcotin House, and the Deer Lake Parkway Urban Trail has a corner that’s bursting with pink tones.

Burnaby Mountain


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On Burnaby Mountain, particularly around the Mount Burnaby picnic area, is scattered with an abundance of Somei-yoshino cherry blossoms. Located at 100 Centennial Way, these dazzling beauties make the view from the mountain even more worthwhile.

Bonsor Recreation Complex


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Next to Metrotown, located at 6595 Bonsor Avenue, this complex holds up to at least six ‘Shirotoe’ (types of cherry blossoms), blossoming and vivid.

Robert Burnaby Park


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Close to Robert Burnaby Park lie several cherry blossom trees, both of the Shirotae and the Kanzan variety.

Located at 17th avenue between 2nd and 4th street, and 15th avenue from 1st street all the way to 11th avenue. Bring your cameras!

Burnaby Hospital


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Located in the Cascade Heights area, approximately at 4119 Kincaid street, lies an assortment of Akebono cherry blossoms that are proudly displayed.

Brentwood Town Centre

Several areas all around the Brentwood Town Centre and the Brentwood area are garnished with cherry blossoms. A few can also be found at the Masonic Cemetery and 1660 Fairlawn Drive.

Nikkei National Museum and Cultural Centre


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A variety of both Akebono and Birch Bark Cherry can be found on Kingsway & Southoaks Crescent, and along Nikkei Centre. The centre also hosts exhibits highlighting Japanese culture and Japanese Canadian history.

Capitol Hill


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On the North side of Hastings street West from Hythe street, select Akebono cherry blossoms can be found, making the greenery more colourful.

Westridge Park

Located on the Western slope of Burnaby Mountain, this park is known for its hiking trails and incredible views of the Burrard Inlet and Indian Arms. There are beautiful pockets around this area that are lined with cherry blossom trees.


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