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Charlie Sheen Bombs At Rogers Arena

Before arriving in Vancouver, Sheen fan’s weren’t exactly sure what to expect from his show as it has been a roller coaster in all of the American cities. He has audiences provide him with standing ovations one night, and boo and leave half way threw the show other nights.
Rogers arena apparently confirmed 8000 seats for his show in which he was only able to sell nearly 3000 – not even half. People who attended his show on Monday were hoping he would talk about his Hollywood experience as one of the greatest actors, however, he chose to speak about porn star evaluations and specifics on smoking different types of drugs.
The only part in which people enjoyed was Canadian comedian; Russell Peters – who hosted the night.

Here’s some feedback from people who attended the show:

“We thought it would be good times, but it was just bad. It’s not even worth the free ticket “

“I don’t want to say bad things about him because I love him but he’s not winning tonight,”

“It was a train-wreck of epic proportions. Charlie is no longer winning. He is officially losing and I think a lot of his pseudo-fans are off the bandwagon now.”

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