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Burnaby’s Popular Car Meets At Market Crossing Forced To Move

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Whether you’re into muscle cars or motorbikes, there’s no shortage of car/bike gatherings in metro Vancouver.

As most people residing in Burnaby’s ‘south slope’ would know, one of the most popular meetups regularly takes place in Burnaby’s Market Crossing shopping centre on Marine Drive.

The car meet is known for taking place on Thursdays in the market’s parking lot, with more frequent events in the summer.

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Up to hundreds of drivers typically attend the gathering to show off their wheels and unite with like-minded people for the evening.

The meets at Market Crossing have likely come to an end however.

According to Burnaby Now, the shopping centre’s property manager has received consistent complaints from both customers and businesses and is being forced to intervene.

The meetups typically take place between the London Drugs and Tim Hortons, ultimately taking away a lot of parking stalls for shoppers who also complain they feel intimidated by some of the crowds.

While there hasn’t been any big issues resulting from the meetups, there has been a couple fights that have broken out to raise red flags.

For the most part however, the car meet ups have been peaceful. There are even rules such as “no burnouts or revs at meets”.

Still, in respect to the businesses and customers, the shopping centre recently hired security to advise those arriving for the meetups that the event is not permitted as the mall is on private property.

Attendees have been respectful of the decision and the number of cars showing up has significantly dropped.

If the meetups are to relocate, it will likely be posted on this Facebook page. According to sources, the lots in New Westminster’s Queensborough Outlets held the most recent meetup, but the location was only temporary.

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