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Bookings From China Are Down 70%, Says B.C. Tourism Group

Covid-19 Tests for Travellers

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As four new cases of the Coronavirus (COVID-19) cropped up Tuesday, businesses continue to feel its impact.

Canada’s tourism industry is seeing a major downturn, due to fears surrounding the illness. And one B.C. tourism organization said bookings from China have seriously declined.

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“Bookings are down from China by about 70 per cent between March and October, so that’s obviously quite considerable,” said Maya Lange, the vice-president of global marketing with Destination B.C., to CBC.

Destination B.C. is a crown corporation that focuses on bringing tourism to Canada.

The number is a big drop, given Statistics Canada reports there were about 571,000 tourist arrivals from China in 2019.

And these statistics are not isolated. YVR Airport recently predicted the airport will see 1.3 million less tourists this year because of the virus. While Chinese businesses have seen a major decline as well.

Canada currently has 33 cases of COVID-19, with 12 of them in B.C.

But as with most illnesses, World Health Organization advises the best thing for people to do is to wash their hands often.

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