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BC Teachers Create Board Game That Slams Christy Clark

BC Teachers Create Board Game That Slams Christy Clark

Look out Rich “Uncle” Pennybags, there’s a new board game in town.

Christy’s World” a new board game created by two teachers: Loren Letournea of Vancouver and Jean-Michel Oblette of Coquitlam, is a new satirical board game that challenges you to “race across British Columbia to shut down schools, privatize the industry and raise your ratings” as BC Premier Christy Clark.

Game rules state: You play as Christy, a clueless, tyrannical political wannabe without a conscience or a college degree who works tirelessly to become British Columbia’s most grotesquely unpopular leader. Your objective is to crystallize power in an economic superclass by systematically destroying public education, privatizing industry and looking good while you do it.

To earn “unpopularity points” players perform publicity stunts, shut down public school, and privatize industry sectors.

“We want to make this game available through print and play at home in time for the hypothetical start of the school year on September 2, so that frustrated students, parents and teachers have something fun to play at home and on the picket line.”

BC Teachers Create Board Game That Slams Christy Clark

You can support “Christy’s World” on Kickstarter, where it has already reached its goal of $50 for funding.

The game stems from frustration caused the full-scale teachers’ strike which closed schools two weeks ahead of schedule on June 17. As September quickly approaches, the teachers nor the B.C. Teachers’ Federation have come to an agreement.

Christy Clark has not made any public statements in regards to the new board game, yet.

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