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“Balcony Rapist” Living In Fleetwood, Surrey; Residents Terrified

Balcony Rapist

One of most infamous sex offenders in Canada, the “balcony rapist” has been quietly living in Surrey’s Fleetwood area for over a year.

While his release and subsequent decision to move to Surrey were highly publicized, residents of the neighbourhood are furious that they were not notified he would be in the community.

“Balcony Rapist” Assault History

Convicted of brutally raping five women at knife point, Paul Callow spent 20 years in prison for his offences. He gained his notorious title of “balcony rapist” for climbing into women’s homes through their balconies and assaulting them.

Callow committed the sexual assaults in Ontario during the 80s, and was released a decade ago.


Global News interviewed him back in 2007 where he stated that, “There is nothing I can do at this point,” he said. “All I can do is see to it that I don’t do anything like that again.”

While he has declared he won’t reoffend, Fleetwood residents don’t have as much confidence in his statement. They are notably frightened and worried for themselves and their children.

Since Callow’s crimes were especially violent, they don’t feel comfortable knowing he’s located close to a school in the area, either.

This news comes shortly after another infamous offender, Brenden Billy, announced that he plans to call Vancouver his new home. He is considered unstable and likely to reoffend.

Canada does not have a sex offender registry where people may see where sex offenders reside.

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