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Americans Are Apparently Nicer Than Canadians, When It Comes To Charity

Canada less charitable study

Photo: @George Redgrave / Flickr

It turns out Americans are more generous than Canadians, according to a study on how much we donate.

The Fraser Institute conducted the study that compares donation rates by looking at what people claim on their taxes.

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And apparently less than 20% of Canadians claimed charitable donations on their tax return in 2017. That’s compared to 24.9% of Americans who have claimed donations.

The total amount Canadians donated is just 0.54% of income, while Americans nearly tripled that number at 1.52%.

Canada less generous, finds study
Photo: Fraser Institute

The Canadian number is also the lowest amount since 2000, a number that peaked at 0.78% in 2006.

The study looks at 64 American states and Canadian provinces/territories. Utah is again the most generous, while Manitoba is the most generous in Canada, although it still ranks just 44 out of 64.

B.C. is number 54 on the list.

Canada may not be the most giving, but we are the 2nd safest place in the world to visit if you’re LGBTQ+. Vancouver has also been ranked as one of the best cities for driving, although that’s something that Vancouver would likely disagree with.

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