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Air Canada Denies The Canucks First Class Seats

Our Vancouver Canucks amongst other NHL teams are going to be short extra leg space while traveling on the road this season..

During the recent NHL Lockout, Air Canada reconfigured five out of their six charter jets, the same charter jets that were accompanied with first class seating are now all back into regular passenger service seating.

All seven Canadian NHL teams plus about half a dozen U.S. NHL teams rely on Air Canada’s Jets executive-class charter service to travel between Canada and the U.S. during regular season games.

Needless to say, NHL teams that use the service, plus the NBA’s Toronto Raptors, are not very happy with Air Canada at all right now. The planes have about 12 to 14 first class seats on them, which will likely be reserved for management, so that means that players will be riding in economy class!

Air Canada has yet to contact back them back with a solution, and are known to take a while to configure the air crafts back to executive standards, so several NHL teams, including the Canucks are unaware of who will be flying them for their regular season games.

C’mon Air Canada, really?

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