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6 Vancouver Parks To Take Your Dog For A Walk This Summer

Dog Parks of Vancouver

With all the good weather we’ve been getting, this means one thing: summer is just around the corner! And our four legged friends love it just as much as we do.  Here are a couple of the top parks around the city that you want to visit with your best friend.

Dog Parks of Vancouver

Dog Parks of VancouverImage via Jaden Nyberg / 604 Now Flickr Pool

Trout Lake Park / John Hendry Park
Many people like walking their dogs here, so it’s a great place for Buddy to make some friends. There’s a lake in the middle of the park, and a dog park on one side of it.


Dog Parks of VancouverImage via Ann Hung / 604 Now Flickr Pool

Spanish Banks Dog Park
Spanish Banks allows your dog to be off-leash in the dog park, which can only mean one thing…  dogs!! On the beach!! Swimming!! The view here is magnificent, as well.


Dog Parks VancouverImage via Vancouver Trails

Pacific Spirit Regional Park
There are trails here that sometimes require your dog to be leashed. Pacific Spirit Regional Park is a great place for long walks (think at least 3 hours) with Buddy– a great way to ensure that he’ll be tired out for the next few days.


dog parks vancouver

Stanley Park
Stanley Park requires your dog to be leashed most of the time, but it’s still worth a visit. It’s a huge park, with many trails for you and your dog to go on. My dog loves the trails that lead to Beaver Lake! There is an off-leash area off Lagoon Drive.
dog parks of vancouver
Deer Lake Park

Deer Lake Park is a quaint and beautiful place to go for a walk with your dog. There isn’t an off-leash area, but it’s a good place especially if your dog is a sniffer– this park is home to lots of geese and squirrels!



UBC is beautiful in the summer! There is everything a dog would love– squirrels, sunshine and a lot of potential for a long walk. The campus won’t be crowded then, so head there with your pup!


If you get any good pictures of your pup on your walks, use the hashtag #604pets on Instagram to be featured on the next 604 Pets post!


Guide by Sarah C

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