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The World’s Most Complete Preserved Mammoth Is Coming To BC

Local museums always have fascinating displays, but rarely do you ever come across something 14 feet tall.

Beginning in June, the Royal BC Museum in Victoria will present a larger-than-life exhibition, Mammoths! Giants of the Ice Age.

The new and engaging exhibition will showcase the massive and now extinct creatures that once towered over acres of land across British Columbia, North America, Asia, and Europe nearly 2 million years ago. The same creatures were present as recent as 10,000 years ago during the Ice Age.

The main attraction will be Lyuba, a 40,000 year-old baby who is currently the world’s most complete preserved woolly mammoth.

The exhibition will be fully-loaded with a collection of fossils, preserved flesh, and ancient landscapes where mammoths and mastodons lived.

Studies of ancient cave drawings will also be on display, providing hints and evidence of how early humans both hunted and learned to coexist with the massive creatures. The interactive exhibition will also allow visitors to touch mammoth tusks and mastodon teeth.

In addition, visitors will also have the opportunity to learn about their fierce neighbors including sabre-toothed cats and the now famous dire wolves (thanks to Game of Thrones).

The Mammoths! Giants of the Ice Age exhibition kicks off on June 3 and will remain at the museum until December 31, 2016.


Mammoths! Giants of the Ice Age

When: June 3 – December 31, 2016
Where: Royal BC Museum, Victoria


Photo: Royal BC Museum

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