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Vancouverite Makes Shortlist To Live On Mars

Vancouverite Makes Shortlist To Live On Mars

Mars One is a not-for-profit foundation that plans to establish a permanent human settlement on Mars. According to the Mars One website, human settlement on Mars is possible today with existing technologies. The organization’s mission design takes into account the expansion of the human colony where a new crew of humans will be sent to Mars every two years.

Among the humans qualified are two people from the 604: Susan Higashio Weinreich, a Scout leader from Vancouver and Joanne Hindle, high school teacher from Whistler, B.C. Both are 42 years of age, and have qualified as semi-finalists for the mission.

“Ever since I was a small child, I have dreamed of becoming an astronaut. I am filled with wonder about what is out there in space, and I long to find out,” says Susan Higashio Weinreich on her Mars One biography.

The earliest one way trip starts in 2024, where 24 selected humans, 12 male and 12 female, will be sent from Earth to Mars.

Susan and Joanne are among six Canadians who made the “final 100” short list out of the 8,243 who applied. There were over 200,000 people from 100 different countries who applied overall.

The semi-finalists will now participate in group challenges that are designed to showcase their “team work” ability that they’ll need on Mars. They’ll also be screened in interviews before proceeding to the next round.

The Mars One project is a $6-billion plan that consists of cargo missions and unmanned preparation of a habitable settlement, followed by human landings. In the coming years, a demonstration mission, communication satellites, two rovers and several cargo missions will be sent to Mars. These missions will set up the outpost where the human crew will live and work.

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