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Vancouver Needs A Real NYE Celebration

For those who go out on New Years Eve, you know there’s nothing really special to do around town. You’re either going to a club, a hotel party, a fancy restaurant or your friends house.

Bored of the usual, I decided to stay in this year. About quarter to 12, I began flipping through channels and saw several countdown parties arranged in major cities across the world. This included New York, London, Seattle, and even a little something something in Toronto.

Vancouver is a top 5-ranked ‘world class’ city and has nothing.. We have celebrations with fireworks for Canada Day, and the summer Celebration of Light but nothing for New Years Eve. It makes no sense why the City of Vancouver hasn’t organized anything yet.

Close your eyes and imagine a marvelous set up at Jack Poole Plaza, with live entertainment from 6pm until 11:59pm. With one minute remaining, the official countdown begins and a huge ball drops at 12 to ring in the New Year on the West Coast followed by a beautiful array of fireworks on top of Coal Harbour. Sounds realistic doesn’t it!?

Sure the city would have to close off a few streets in the busy parts of downtown but c’mon, who would honestly mind knowing their city has an official NYE celebration? (it worked well during the Olympics!)

Year in and year out Vancouver wins countless awards, each outlining how spectacular the city is in its different ways. With an official NYE celebration, not only would it attract new tourists, it would fill Vancouverite’s with a new boost of patriotism and help the city reach the ultimate status.

Mayor Gregor, if you, your team, or the no-fun police is reading this, its time for a change.

It’s what the city deserves.

Sean Bassi

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