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Vancouver Builds Sandbag Wall In Anticipation Of Crashing King Tides

Vancouver Builds Sandbag Wall In Anticipation Of Crashing King Tides

On Monday, the City of Vancouver dispatched several workers to Locarno Beach to begin setting up a wall of sandbags about 50 meters from the shoreline, along N W Marine Drive in preparation for the anticipated king tides.

King tides are extremely high tides that come crashing down semi-annually at Locarno Beach and pose a damage and flood threat in low areas.

Vancouver is expecting the king tides to arrive as early as next week, after the sun and the moon’s gravitational forces fuse together. The second of the two events, anticipated for next week, is expecting tides to reach 6 meters, while typical high tides in Vancouver reach between 3.4 to 4.3 metres.

The City predicts that the highest king tides will hit on Saturday, November 28, and Sunday, November 29, as water levels are expected to reach 4.9 metres.

City officials are worried that the high tides may strike at the same time as a major storm, which would result in a storm surge and a potential flood risk for homes nearby.

“What we’re preparing for here is the possibility of king tides coinciding with severe weather,” said Brian Crowe, Vancouver’s director of water.

Nearby municipalities, including West Vancouver and Delta have also received king tides in past years, and are taking similar precautions.


Image via City of Vancouver

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