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Vancouver Just Approved Quadricycle Tours That Will Transport You To Breweries


Photo: City of Vancouver

Vancouver has announced the quadricycle will be taking over the roads this summer, respectfully of course. 

Quadricycles are non-motorized, pedal-powered, four-wheeled cycles; which, according to the City of Vancouver website will, “transport groups of passengers on pre-approved routes to businesses like breweries and other areas of interests in the city.”

Similar tours using quadricycles operate in the City of North Vancouver, Victoria and Kelowna.

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The city is going about this carefully.

Hopeful quadricycle tour operators must apply for a license, submit planned tour routes, stick to side streets and stay out of bike lanes. 

Quadricycle passengers are not permitted to drink liquor or smoke marijuana while on the quadricycle; however, breweries are likely among the points of interest that will be connected via quad tour. 

Photo: City of Vancouver

“The introduction of quadricycles is a new, fun way for locals and visitors to explore Vancouver, and aligns with our climate emergency goals of reducing carbon pollution from how we move on our streets.” said Paul Storer, Transportation Director for Vancouver.


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