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Translink’s Skytrain Tunnel Finally Receives High Speed Internet

If you’re a regular commuter, you’re well aware of the horrible cell phone reception through the Dunsmuir tunnel from Stadium-Chinatown to Waterfront.

Fortunately, Translink has announced that the short pain for mobile users will be a thing of the past as Rogers has turned on LTE wireless service for the tunnel on the Expo line.

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There’s one catch however, you have to be a Rogers or Fido customer to use the LTE connectivity.

Users with other carriers shouldn’t worry however, as that doesn’t mean the option will be exclusive forever.

“It’s up to other wireless carriers to work with Rogers and with TransLink to connect to the system and offer the service to their customers,” Rogers spokeswoman told CBC.

For those wondering about the corridor in New West, specifically the track linking Columbia, New Westminster, and Edmonds station, Rogers is currently working on addressing the dead spots and should have a timeline available in the near future.

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