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Can You Guess What Translink Fare Gate Had The Most Taps in 2017?

Has The Compass Card Lost Direction?

Every skytrain station in the lower mainland has its busy moments; however, some are arguably more hectic.

Indeed, some commuters face long lines at particular bus stops and skytrain stations. In fact, many people factor these waits into their daily commutes ahead of time. With that being said, some stops are decidedly busier than others.

The question remains – which station is the busiest?

The answer? Vancouver City Centre.

The Most Tapped SkyTrain Station

This bustling epicentre is the single most-tapped crossway in all of Metro Vancouver. Considering its proximity to the city’s busiest entertainment strip, as well as a plethora of delectable eateries, it is no wonder the station sees a large number of foot traffic. Moreover, the station is situated in the heart of downtown’s shopping core; people come from all across Greater Vancouver to browse and shop in the area

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Skytrain Station
Photo: Translink

Metro Vancouver had the highest growth in ridership across all of Canada.As a matter of fact, Translink recorded 400 million boardings this year alone. Also, they stated that one keen rider travelled 45,300 kilometre – that’s once around the Earth!

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