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Spotted: $1.5M Mercedes-Benz 300SL in Vancouver


Parked at the Mercedes Benz dealership in North Vancouver is a very rare 300SL worth $1.5 million!

1963 was the last year for the iconic Mercedes-Benz 300SL. Production for the 300SL ran until February 8, 1963, with only 26 cars being produced. The vehicle on display has a serial number of 3236/3258.

According to Mercedes-Benz archives, what makes the vehicle so special is that it fell off the line when being assembled and was placed aside to be completed. It was indicated that the car was finished after all other production 300SL vehicles, making it the last 300SL ever built out of the factory prior to its shutdown.

The vehicle is on display until July 19, stop by and check it out!

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