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Richmond Man Receives Driving Ban In Court; Decides To Drive Home

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Apparently the judge’s decision wasn’t loud enough for one Richmond driver..

Shortly before pulling up to his residence, a 25-year old Richmond man who police have not named, was in court for nine traffic violations he committed on April 11, 2013. His fines ranged from excessive speed through a residential neighborhood, failure to wear his seatbelt, and failing to stop at stop signs.

Upon hearing the mans plea, the judge ruled a six-month driving prohibition, effective immediately.

After the judges ruling, police watched the man leave the courthouse holding a set of keys in his hands. This led officers to suspect he may drive home – a suspicion that happened to be right. Shortly after leaving court, as police parked near the man’s home, they saw him pull up into his driveway.

He was arrested on the spot for prohibited driving and had this vehicle impounded. He is now set to appear in court again on March 12, 2015. The driver now faces fines of $500-$2,000, an additional year added to his driving prohibition, and up to six-months in prison.

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